Is it portable? [scanned]

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Dec 5 19:02:18 CET 2006

Salve Oleg!

Oleg Gusev schrieb am Dienstag, den 05. Dezember 2006 um 18:50h:

> Am Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2006 17:29 schrieb Robert Michel:
> >
> > AFAIK FIC is supporting OpenMoko to build a plattform for their
> > hardware - so why should FIC support developer to publish drivers
> > for Motorola devices inside the OpenMoko SDK?
> >
> IMHO, you are missing the point of Free Software. FIC is in the 
> hardware business, and they should better think how to match 
> or append the HTC product line. 

I do not miss the point of free software. I'm shure that
FIC and the OpenMoko team does know about the point -
see Sean's presentation and some mails here on the list
about the use of LGPL for the GUI.

> When openmoko code is released, it will not take much 
> time to adapt multiplexing code
> for  the videophone on  HTC Universal or port it to HTC Hermes
> It is interesting how the openmoko team will address these
> issues.

Of course, but why should they publish it already today?

And beside the point that GPL software does allow to run
on other devices - IMHO there is no need to do it as fast
as possible because it is possible.
Focusing first on helping FIC to have sucsess will be IMHO
more fruitfull than hacking OpenMoko on the HTC Hermes.


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