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Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Dec 5 19:37:56 CET 2006

Salve Oleg!

Oleg Gusev schrieb am Dienstag, den 05. Dezember 2006 um 18:54h:

> Am Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2006 18:43 schrieb Robert Michel:
> >
> > To think about to use this SDK for other phones, just from the beginning
> > is in my eyes a "little bit" impolite - and thinking of other phones
> > because of a faster CPU or Wi-fi or a camera to shortsighted and
> > egocentric (I like most to play with Wi-fi...)
> I don't really get your point. Working wifi on a phone 
> already exists. What does openmoko SDK change here ?

Thinking to use OpenMoko on other phones because this
devices has Wi-Fi - instead of developing on Neo1973.

IMHO that would be shortsighted and egocentric instead of
working on a longterm strategie - OpenMoko would profit
when FIC would have succsess. Not only in the way that 
the hardware would be full supported and open docuemented,
not only that I acpect that FIC would react on our hardware
wishes - also by give good developers a reduction for the
device - consider what normal employee would cost and which
potential an open source developer community has.

So what would be the sence in hacking a THC windows mobile?
To motivate THC to switch to linux? By using OpenMoko?
Wouldn't kick THC much more to use OpenMoko when OpenMoko/Neo1973
is a great succsess to the mass-market?

I don't think that some hackers solutions for the THC devices
would convince THC.
And just support for Wi-fi or a camera is no big issue - 
more usable with core telephone functions beating in this
central points Symbian, trolltec and windows mobile that
would convice THC or other to use OpenMoko.

OK everybody has it's own motivation to hack/develope with
OpenMoko, but I would like to compare it with the spirit of
debian maintainers - they do care about software that they
like, but they work on that other could use this software
as easy and reliable as possible. So every maintainer put a small
part to let Debian be such a great and powerfull distribution.

Now OpenMoko is not totaly equal to Debian - it is part of a strategie
of FIC - so FIC is paying (AFAIK) that some good hackers develope the 
OpenMoko SDK.
In the same way that I complain that Motorola is only using 
GNU/Linux without supporting the community to develope for this
phones - in the same way I can't took OpenMoko SDK with a 
shortsighted and play with it on other phones without giving FIC
something back.

And when some of my/our ideas/wishes come true 
- reserve battery  
- call manager based on light, sound, time, localisation...
- different ways to answer a call
- ...
I would like to see it not only on one device - I would like to
see it on a new generation of phones....
So when the Neo1973 and it's successor will become populare,
there is a chance that this plattform will be a growing, long living

Starting to early to hack it everywhere could demage the sucess of FIC,
and so the dream of real open Linux smartphones.

So in IMHO it would be a fault to be shortsighted and to waste time
with a HTC device, just because it has Wi-Fi or a camera.
*WE* could be part of a longterm revolution and by starting a revolution
focusing on the most efficent steps is important.

Explain me - what would be the long term benefit to run OpenMoko on a
THC device in the next month?

Do you just like to have a "toy" for yourself or do you like to 
revolutionise? What will be your aim?

Why wasting time with reverse engineering - when we now have a hardware
producer we can talk with *directly*?¹

I'm shure the next Neos would have Wi-Fi and a camera - as more sucessfull 
OpenMoko/Neo1973 will be as faster this version will be there!

So hacking OpenMoko solutions to a HTC device would be a cool hack,
but *not* smart it would *not* power up OpenMoko - it would weaken OpenMoko/FIC
and delay or risk a next Neo version with Wi-Fi and camera.


¹imagine a GSM smartphone with DECT and PMR

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