Is it portable? [scanned]

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Tue Dec 5 19:38:54 CET 2006

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 19:02, Robert Michel wrote:
> Focusing first on helping FIC to have sucsess will be IMHO
> more fruitfull than hacking OpenMoko on the HTC Hermes.

AFAIK, FIC and HTC are said to be sister companies. (Which strikes me as 
somewhat weird considering just how closed HTC is but wel who knows).
If that is in fact true, I would expect more OpenMoko hardware quite 
quickly... Just imagine, an OpenMoko Hermes with VGA screen [1]

And while I very well understand why one would want the Hermes to run 
OpenMoko, I'm not sure if the first version would actually work with a lowly 
QVGA display very well?

[1] Eten (which is believe is one of the rather few companies to actually 
manufacture PocketPC phones besides HTC?) actually has announced a Hermes 
like slide qwerty device with VGA screen AND GPS integrated so HTC will (have 
to) follow quickly with one I guess.

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