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Richard Franks schreef:
> On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 19:37 +0100, Robert Michel wrote:
>> Explain me - what would be the long term benefit to run OpenMoko on a
>> THC device in the next month?
> I'm not a corporate marketing-ologist, but surely the more hardware
> platforms OpenMoko runs on, the more credibility it will receive.

Couldn't agree more, painting yourself into a corner is never a smart thing to do.

>> Why wasting time with reverse engineering - when we now have a hardware
>> producer we can talk with *directly*?¹

Why waste time with waiting for a phone, when you can buy another one now?

>> So hacking OpenMoko solutions to a HTC device would be a cool hack,
>> but *not* smart it would *not* power up OpenMoko - it would weaken OpenMoko/FIC
>> and delay or risk a next Neo version with Wi-Fi and camera.
> It's a strong statement to make - I recall reading somewhere that a goal
> of OpenMoko was to encourage many different vendors to implement it on
> their hardware? Certainly, that was one of the positive points which
> drew me to the project, having never before heard of FIC.

Making the openmoko framework function on HTC (and others) devices would strenghten
openmoko, since you get more users, more testers and more developers. Having a whole batch
of people using openmoko would be an incentive for FIC to make neo N+1 attractive for its
hardware, since people already love its software.

"It's not open if you don't share"


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