Synchronize Calendar, Contacts of Neo with Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc.

Jeff Andros whitedrought at
Tue Dec 5 21:01:35 CET 2006

> at the company we use Lotus Notes. As I'm really interested in using the
> neo for business and private purposes two things are important for me.

Lotus was part of the syncml initiative, so I'm pretty sure you're golden

1)A software packet which enables me to synchronize my calendar, contacts
> etc. on Neo with Lotus Notes and/or MS Outlook.
> 2) An option which marks private appointments as private, so that only I'm
> able to watch them in my business calendar

not sure here, if you're asking to exclude items from sync... we could
probably make that happen if it's not included in the initial release

Are there any plans which consider my whishes?
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> Dennis Günnewig
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The neo supports SyncML which is standardized. I have a connector for
outlook over bluetooth right now, so that works, and lotus was one of the
original supporters, so you should be able to use that there... ah the
wonderful world of standards!

sounds like it should take care of what you need, but I'd wait for Sean or
one of the developers if you need official confirmation
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