Is it portable? [scanned]

Markus Stehr bastetfurry at
Tue Dec 5 22:57:42 CET 2006


Um, folks, didnt want to start a flamewar here with my innocent
question :-(

@Rober Mitchel:
> - What do you dislike (hate most) with your XDA?

Its running Windows with some o2-branding i strongly dislike.
Not some Simlock, wouldnt have bought it then, but branding is something
i dislike.
For example, might be some mistake from my side but who knows..., when i
try to connect to some WiFi and use the IE i can acses exactly one site
and then he wants to connect trough GPRS. If i disable the phone part he
just refuses to load more than one page. Boomer.

Then, why for gods sake do i have to reset it every week?
If i dont i get some weird effects, like not recognizing that he not
longer gets power from the trafo or just hanging there for 5 seconds
till i get into the phone subprogramm.

> - What do you miss most with that device?

I cant develop as i dont want to use some obscure Windows Visual
Something SDK for that, i purely develop on Linux as its fast and stable
even wehn having to cope with my thousand windows chaoticaly placed over
4 desktops ;)
There is some Windows Mobile SDK for linux, but frankly, it sucks.
All i can do is developing shell programms that i can only use over a
ssh connection.

The Neo1973 is a nice thing, if i can get one trough contract extension
i will get one.
And i have one idea, but thats another thread i will open i a minute ;)

Markus Stehr

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