FPGA? [scanned]

Markus Stehr bastetfurry at ircnet.de
Tue Dec 5 23:04:54 CET 2006


What do you think about giving the Neo1973 a FPGA?
Then everybody who has some knowledge in FPGA tecnology can enhance the
phone to his likeing.
With starting a programm i could use it inside my Gigaset homephone
network, the FPGA gets the information on how a DECT phone has to work
and the kernel gets a module to eat.
Someone else wants to have SID music as a ringtone, not converted to mp3
or ogg but real sid files. He could upload a hardware sid to the FPGA
and get his SID ringtones.
Maybe someone wants the Neo1973 to have USB Host mode, he would programm
the FPGA.
Everything would be possible all what would be need is some lowcost and
lowcurrency FPGA.

Markus Stehr

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