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Tue Dec 5 23:59:51 CET 2006

On 12/5/06, Gabriel Ambuehl <gabriel_ambuehl at buz.ch> wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 December 2006 23:04, Markus Stehr wrote:
> > Everything would be possible all what would be need is some lowcost and
> > lowcurrency FPGA.
> >
> Wouldnt a FPGA without very generic IO features be rather constrained in
> its
> use? Furthermore, most of the things you mention (minus the DECT thing
> which
> likely also needs RF infrastructure) can be done in software no?
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> Yeah, you can do pretty much everything in software, but you get some
acceleration doing it on FPGA space(you count time in gate delays, rather
than software steps), not as much as running straight silicon, but enough,
and you get to offload the work from the processor.

The down side is you have to connect the FPGA into all the peripherals and
multiplex with the CPU, or connect using DMA either way, there's a marked
increase in board complexity, probably requiring a complete re-design of the
board to get it in in time for gen 1.  I'd love to see this integrated for
the second generation, however.

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