FPGA? [scanned]

Ole Tange openmoko.org at tange.dk
Wed Dec 6 10:54:52 CET 2006

On 12/5/06, Markus Stehr <bastetfurry at ircnet.de> wrote:

> What do you think about giving the Neo1973 a FPGA?

It is surreal: I had the same idea last night.

> Someone else wants to have SID music as a ringtone, not converted to mp3
> or ogg but real sid files. He could upload a hardware sid to the FPGA
> and get his SID ringtones.

However, my application is quite different. I am thinking of a
universal software radio.

I would assume that with this it should be possible to emulate:

* RFID (sender and receiver)
* GPS (receiver)
* Bluetooth (sender and receiver)
* GSM (sender and receiver)
* WiFi (sender and receiver)
* DECT (sender and receiver)
* FM radio (sender and receiver)

But even if this is not possible getting a FPGA out to the masses, I
would think would make a lot of difference. Especially after seeing:
General Purpose, Low Power Supercomputing Using Reconfiguration

I have no idea if the power consumption is prohibitive - I will expect
others on the list can enlighten us on that.


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