some more hardware questions :) Re: Adding an overview page to openmoko.{com, org}

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Dec 6 16:37:51 CET 2006

Salve Mickey!

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:

> Atlasz wrote:
> > Well, having bluetooth or wifi would be important for me. Any chance,
> > that SDIO bluetooth or wifi card could be used with Neo1973?
> Unfortunately not -- for a variety of reasons:
> 1.) sdio cards in micro-sd cards are very rare
So micro-sd is a little unlucky desgin decision for a developer device.
But because of the design for a mass-marked, probably a price to pay
to have a cheap mass-marked device, instead of an expencive embedded
developer device. I fear the design is to close to be finished to 
change this point.

Normal-SD, mini-SD and micro-SD differes not only in size, also
in the number of connectors. Would be an external  mirco-SD to Normal-SD
adapter (selfmade hack) possible?

> 2.) we have yet to see an open sdio driver for linux
A use for SDIO with linux could push the driver development 
(the same for the SDIO cards like bluetooth or wi-fi)

So it will be only a software question, and the hardware would support
SDIO? See my question:

> 3.) our micro-sd slot is between the battery and the PCB -- RF would
> be dampened too much
There are cards with a small antenna outside the device.


BTW can you say somethink about the GSM audio:  

 - will the device will get one light detector?
 - could the touch sensor work as 2 (or 4) direction light detector?
 - will the touch detector open engough for to some development? 
 - will there an audio in (mono/stero - frequenzy? 20-20.000 Hz?)
 - will the SD card slot support SDIO?
 - realy only micro SD?
 - sd card slot multiplexing (one normal size *and* 1-3 micro slots)?  
 - power supply for USB slot 
 - how long will the chaging via USB take? See greenphone reports  
wouldn't worth to have an additional express charging port? 
 - one free SPI port for additional sensors 
 - some nice sensor already on the device inclination/acceleration/ 
3d compass/light sensor/barometer/thermometer/MW radio  

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