some more hardware questions

Joel Newkirk moko at
Thu Dec 7 01:32:09 CET 2006

Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve Mickey!
> On Wed, 06 Dec 2006, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:

> Normal-SD, mini-SD and micro-SD differes not only in size, also
> in the number of connectors. Would be an external  mirco-SD to Normal-SD
> adapter (selfmade hack) possible?

>> 3.) our micro-sd slot is between the battery and the PCB -- RF would
>> be dampened too much
> There are cards with a small antenna outside the device.

Same problem affects both of these suggestions - the microSD is located
inside the phone battery compartment, under the battery.  There's likely
no room for ANYTHING unless you snake some flextrace or wires around the
body of the battery.

>> 2.) we have yet to see an open sdio driver for linux
> A use for SDIO with linux could push the driver development
> (the same for the SDIO cards like bluetooth or wi-fi)

There's been a use for SDIO with linux.  Several handhelds with SD slots
either ship with or can support linux.  The Zaurus for example.  - A company in India
has ported their proprietary SDIO linux stack to the factory Zaurus
distro.  (EmbWise's SDIOWorx)  But nothing GPL - the SDIO specification
is still too tightly controlled/licensed/restricted.


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