FPGA [scanned]

Markus Stehr bastetfurry at ircnet.de
Thu Dec 7 04:20:51 CET 2006

Hi Folks!

Joel Newkirk:
>If we could support both USB storage and USB networking simultaneously,
>(I suspect that's not possible, though)

It is possible.
I would implement an USB Hub inside the FPGA and link the two modules to
this hub inside the FPGA.
No problem at all, wont even use any pins.

And for the radio, what about having, besides the normal phone number,
the IMSAI Nummber of your pals Neos.
Just check if they are in range, voila, no need for calling over the
If wanted we could even create a p2p network for SMS. (Not enough
bandwith for audio, we (Tixiv, Suschmann and me) talked that trough
already at the das-labor in Bochum ;) )

>the SDIO specification is still too tightly 

Calls for some reversing... any vollunteers with SDIO stuff?

Markus Stehr

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