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Alexander Steinert sputnik at
Thu Dec 7 13:22:00 CET 2006

<Joel Newkirk, Wed 2006-12-06 21:17 CET>
> > 3.) our micro-sd slot is between the battery and the PCB -- RF would
> > be dampened too much
> Ewww.  I hope this will be reconsidered for later devices.  I can tell
> you that among a laundry-list of peeves about my old Nokia 6600, having
> the MMC card buried under the battery was very high on the list.
> Placing it there relegates it to use as extra internal storage.  Having
> it readily removable while the device is operating makes it FAR more
> useful - swap out to camera, handheld, laptop, etc with ease.

"Between the battery and the PCB" doesn't mean necessarily that you have
to remove the battery in order to access the card. Look at Nokia's E61,
for example.


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