Shiny geek toy? [scanned]

Markus Stehr bastetfurry at
Thu Dec 7 14:15:53 CET 2006


Christopher Heiny:
>and will see C++ and Java as enablers, VHDL and Perl as barriers.

Argh, why does it always have to be some obscure object orientated
I would rather like to see some procedual Basic, like FreeBasic or
QBasic, on this little buddy.

Benefits: More applications.
Everyone and his dog can produce decent apps and games with Basic as the
learning curve isnt so steep as with C++/Java.
And that a Basic compiler can produce fast code we see on FreeBasic.
Version 0.17 and it produces codes that is ~80% as fast as the same
programm coded in GCC-C and you can do the same stuff you can do in
GCC-C but with a language everyone understands, plain English.
Maybe someone with some knowledge in the Gnu Compiler Collection could
help Andre Victor, the author of FB, converting the standalone compiler
(BASIC -> x86 ASM -> Opcodes) to a GCC frontend (BASIC -> "GCC Pseudo
Asm" -> Opcodes). Its on the todo list but first Andre wants optional(!)
OO support. Its there but needs some extensive testing ;)
If FB gets frontended then we would have our Basic *g*

Markus Stehr

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