<joke> yeah flame war about program languages to use a FPGA that isn't in v1 :) Re: Shiny geek toy? [scanned]

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Dec 7 16:36:49 CET 2006

Salve Markus!

Markus Stehr schrieb am Donnerstag, den 07. Dezember 2006 um 14:15h:
> Christopher Heiny:
> >and will see C++ and Java as enablers, VHDL and Perl as barriers.
> Argh, why does it always have to be some obscure object orientated
> language?

This thread belongs to FPGA ;) And there is no roadmap when the first
OpenMoko phone would have a FPGA inside - so isn't it a little too
early to start a flame ware about languages to use with a FPGA now?

> I would rather like to see some procedual Basic, like FreeBasic or
> QBasic, on this little buddy.

Oh, I would prefer Python or maybe ruby and when we want to do 
parallel computing on a FPGA, Erlang would worth a look *G*.
In erlang is also written the good jabber server ejabberd. :)

Just for fun - back to the roots of telephonie server:
"erlang - the movie"

> Benefits: More applications.
> Everyone and his dog can produce decent apps and games with Basic as the
> learning curve isnt so steep as with C++/Java.

When everyone and his dog should be able to produce a app,
squeak would be a tool for them, but again, this thread
is about FPGA.

BTW programming languages:
But does e.g. debian care which language is used?
NO. So I don't see the need to start a language flameware now
- and the OpenMoko SDK will answer which languages we will use
to start with :)

And remember everybody will be free to install the language that he 
IMHO there is no reason why to discuss which language is the best
- different tasks gives reason to deside from case to case which
language to choose.


Markus, one wish:
Could you please use your MUA (email client) in a way
that it use References in the email header in a proper way?
With out that your mails could not be sorted into the thread.

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