Shiny geek toy?

Paul Bohme openmoko at
Thu Dec 7 16:42:47 CET 2006

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> On 12/7/06 12:00 PM, "Christopher Heiny" <heiny at> wrote:
>> Do we really want a shiny geek toy?  Something that is super cool and
>> technologically advanced, but only nerds will want to hack on?
>> Or should we be working toward a solid OpenSource platform that will
>> encourage other phone manufacturers to build on it and in turn give their
>> work back to the community?
> The latter please ;-)

Absolutely.  The last thing I want is another neat but essentially 
dead-end device..  (AgendaVR3, anyone..?)

I'm really stoked about the specs I've read thus far - enough to work 
with, enough to be modern/marketable, but not overloaded to the point of 
killing the price and attractiveness of the device.


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