ui customisation for accessibility

Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at fic.com.tw
Thu Dec 7 17:00:05 CET 2006

On 12/6/06 4:24 PM, "Matthew Wood" <matt at nomorefluffybunny.com> wrote:

> i've been intrigued by your announcements and would like to ask:
> could an open platform like yours be used to provide a smartphone ui
> that's more accessible to the visually impaired?

I would think so. Since the code is open, you'll be able to change things as
you like. We'd also love to get your feedback and how to make things more
"visually impaired" friend. I'm embarrassed to admit that we don't know much
about that.  
> as more details about the platform emerge I'll be interested to see
> how much ui customisation (text size, colours) will be available 'out
> of the box,' or whether it's feasible to reskin the included
> messaging apps to make them accessible...?

After you see our handsets, please do give your comments. I will seriously
commit resources to this.


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