Filtering in openmoko email client?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Dec 7 17:40:41 CET 2006

Salve Tim!

I'm just a student, not member of the OpenMoko SDK developer team,
but just a short feedback from my point.

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006, Tim Newsom wrote:

> Does the default email/messaging client have folder/filtering abilities 
> where we can set up rules for how email/messages are handled?

This is an important question but a little bit early, AFAIK it is
not clear which MUA (mail user agent) is be choosen as default
client for OpenMoko. The question which client to portate for
480x640 (mulit)touchscreen belongs also to concepts/solution
for text input and *very* important - how to download and send email
with IMAP in a more smart way?

Client side improvements
- download emails automaticaly when your internet connection is cheap
- mark semi-imprtant emails to wait for a given time (e.g. 4h) for
  a cheap download. Do the download after 4h even with expensive
- do the download in pieces (of 20 lines)
- do the download without the full header

Server side improvements
- allow filtering of your mailfolder 
- put attachments into a special https folder and give only the url
- when people send emails with fullquotes - send a diff 

> Is it possible/would it be useful to have regex ability in the filter 
> for very flexible matching of rules?

Mutt has much filtering power, but mutt will not be the best choice
for normal PC/smartphone users. I even know myself if there will be
a chance to hack mutt to make it comfortable usable without keyboard.

So beside the chance to have an expert mode for the MUA to have
full power of filtering - I see the need to make it more easier to
use and to find some GUI solution to make it more usable.
This thoughts are even more important by programming an filter interface
for normal user.

My next email will be with ideas for SMS that could be also relevant
for email - I would like to have a chat-like view with an email partner,
so that I can scroll down or up over a dialoge of my and his mails...

So I'm not shure if the first SDK will have more then a draft solution
for email and I'm shure every email soultion could be made a little
better. When you have ideas that could make the use of a MUA on a 
smartphone more handy/easier, so please go on and chare this ideas
with us ;)


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