Shiny geek toy?

Christopher Heiny heiny at
Thu Dec 7 18:02:24 CET 2006

On Thursday 07 December 2006 05:08, bullet holes in a road sign were found 
to spell the following message:
> I think you are generally right, with some caveat.
> It's really a chicken/egg problem. Will the carriers come first, or
> the applications?
> It is possible that in 2007, linux based extensible phones will become
> the rage. We have greenphone, Access, and open moko. But if carriers
> feel that these platforms threaten their lock on the platform, they
> may not adopt. In that case it will require cheap phones and 3rd party
> software communities to make a killer app that drives carriers to
> adopt. If this is the case then this first version is really more a
> shiny geek toy that ultimately motivates some great applicaton(s) that
> then drive carrier adoption.

Well, yeah, you're right in that in certain ways OpenMoko >is< a shiny geek 
toy.  But I think what we want it to be is the shiny geek toy that makes as 
many people as possible say "Hey, we can build our next market dominating 
phone on that!" rather than "Hey, that would be great in my hobby workshop 
next to the Heathkit".

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