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Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Dec 7 18:46:50 CET 2006


When you thought that I have to much Sci-Fi, or nerd/geek ideas 
for OpenMoko/Neo1973 than because on the reason that this are
the ideas does belongs to the hardware development.
Now is still the time to influence, motivate Sean/FIC to do some
hardware design enhancements :) 

OK, but I'm realistic that most of this ideas would be only for
next and after, after next hardware generation or only for selfmade
hardware hacks.

Comming back to the potential of the Neo1973 just with GNU/Linux on
the SoC and GSM/GPRS and AGPS - something nearly every phone has

IMHO SMS has much more power than used by phones today and it is a
very nice (but expencive) way to communicate with other people.
Because nearly every GSM user has and use SMS, SMS will be an important
protocol,I/O for OpenMoko/Neo1973 developments with the power of
communicate with everybody.

Of course some new smart communication ideas would be possible when
every body would use OpenMoko/Neo1973 - like my chopping-community idea: 

Especialy in the beguinning we have to deal with the fact, that we
will have the power of OpenMoko/Neo1973 - but not our friends, our
partner or our family.
(So it would be important that some of use will take more then one
Neo1973 that some parents, some partner or friends will be beta-tester
for us)

To be abel to use the power of OM/Neo - we do to use the communication
channels that the other use - and especialy which are easy for them
to use. E.G. when we could start our browser fast, have an encrypted,
compressed, payable internet connection to put some new information
on our server - our friends mustn't have the same power...
Beside playing with asterisk, special phone nummbers, time to pick
up a call or audio-text systems 

SMS will be powerfull to communicate with non-OpenMoko/Neo1973 user.

A SMSd on our device could allow trusted users to raise questions,
SMS with a questionmark "?" (and "!") at the beguinning could be parsed
and be processed in the background without our interaction (of course
this SMS should be logged)


The answer could inform where I'm now and what I'm planing to do
next hours. (Information from AGPS, routing/navigation application
and my agenda) Of course normal friend would get this informaition
after I saw what my system is sending and I did confirmed it.
But I would allow my partner to ask my.

Because she knows that I will go chopping, the first normal SMS
with signalisation will be
"Hey rob - I saw you will go shopping. Please buy 300g ground almond -
let's bake tonight ..."

When I go sometimes into the sauna - I could allow to ask frank 
when I go next

-14.12.2006 21:00h for shure
-21.12.2006 20:30h maybe

?frank tel
for frank's telefon number

I will go to cologne by train on 10.12.2006 14:12h from Aachen central trainstaion.

When we do have GPRS and the other not we could offer some services for
our friends:
?weather Aachen today tomorrow

?train Aachen Cologne next

?routing Aachen Markt 1 to Aachen Halifax 23

?location Aachen central trainstation

?tagged-location x:y  (my informations around this position -
    restaurents, shopps...) ?t-loc

Dear Frank, 
you could ask my Neo1973 phone with special commands:
?where - where I'm now and next
?sauna - 
?Name tel
?disco - tells you when I will go next into disco
?abo disco - will inform you every time I descide for shure to dance.
?abo end - will stop every abo             
for more info, please login

When we do have a date and our routing program recognice a sinificant delay
(traffic jam...) the partner could get a message automaticaly

===Outgoing SMS===
Sending SMS could be expensive, so becuase the Software is not developt
with the interest of GSM networkoperators it can have "least cost
routing" Via GSM a SMS cost me 20 Cent, 4 Cent via Internet (with my
GSM number as sender ID for answers) - but Internet cost me GPRS or a data 

SMS (and outgoing SMS) should get an level of importance, with some
messeages it isn't important when they be send 1-2hour laters.
I don't won't to care how to send it, the SMS should be sended on
the cheapest way. Fallback - when I havn't not enough prepaid for
sending SMS via Internet.

==Email/SMS fallback==
most people that I know does read email regulary - when I like
to inform someone a email could be cheaper and good enough.
"Frank - we are going to the cinema this night at 21h, will
 you join?" 
This could I sended at 14h to Frank and choose
-send as email and when he didn't answer untill 17:30 send it as
So I can forget Frank that afternoon until give an answer.

Polls to ask quick which date this week likes most of your friends
most to do somethink together....

==SMS Editor==
When I have dialog with one User (e.g. Frank) I like to read all our
SMS like a chat - a countinous flow 

And to use a normal PC for typing SMS - I like to combine the data
connection idea inside this mail (it was there Internet via USB) 

For change a nx client to use the Neo1973 gui on any workstations after
plug the Neo1973 into the workstations USB port. Maybe on very
restricted workstations it become neccessary that the nx data connection
is relaied by a server - the broweser up and download trick to the Neo
and on freenx client (maybe java based) can't access the USB port, but
a server which route back the nx session.
Sorry I can imagine that my thought sounds mad - but I fear that this
will be the only working way without software installations (or root
rights) on restirictive workstations :)
(of course will I propose to do such data conected high encrypted
and ahhhmmmm one FPGA could speed up encryption processes SCNR *G*)

So this should be a very first short email about SMS to give the
impression that even with SMS OpenMoko/Neo1973 will give much more
power than most / other smartphones - to integrate smart ideas
into the normal SMS application.

Feedback and more ideas - what you would like to do with SMS,
are (of course) very welcome ;)


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