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Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Dec 7 19:21:42 CET 2006


Oh I missed the idea that I like most "encrpyted SMS" 
- I already thought to start to do it with J2ME
just charing 1 MB random data with a friend/partner/parents
and add the first 160 chars to the first SMS,
the second 160 chars to the second....

With Neo1973 to Neo1973 it would become very easy to use
encryption *g*. But J2ME would offer the power to share
this feature with others.

Robert Michel schrieb am Donnerstag, den 07. Dezember 2006 um 18:46h:
> When we do have GPRS and the other not we could offer some services for
> our friends:
> ?weather Aachen today tomorrow
> ?train Aachen Cologne next

?latest news
?videotext 300 (page numbers)

Together or without encryption, a keyword at the beginning of a SMS
could be used to provide solutions for NGOs - your friends or your

"NGO new password" would receive a SMS for the NGO and via an secure
network your system would forward it to the server of that NGO.
This does not only belongs to passwords, e.g.
"NGO events"
"NGO events Aachen"

You could offer the recieving for them for free when you have a
cheap GRPS tariff. Outgoing SMS would be sended via internet and
the cost would be a task of that NGO server, would not belongs
to your GSM tariff.

When you offer some logins on your server for your friends/familiy,
they could get new passwords without nagging you...

So you could share the power of incomming SMS and reduce the need
for a special GSM device and SIM-card to do this

And of course a filter for SMS combined with the  phone profile would be
nice - that special friends or your company could send you SMS at any
time and the alarm will be not going short - that it will ring untill
you are awaked and read this message - maby with a special code

! important
!! very important
!!! wake you up - read it now!!!

or date/time codes until you should have read this SMS

today 20h


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