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I was thinking about this today when I was texting my friends.  I have a number of very small suggestions regarding text messaging.Most of the ideas I am about to suggest should be very easy to implement. --Selecting Who to Text--
An option to text to a group of contacts you have on your phone, such as your friends group, that you can text to all of them asking if they are coming out tonight by only selecting that group icon rather than having to select each of them and send them a message.
User has options of different ways to display the 5 or so *fast contacts* which are listed
These could be 
User chosen shortlist
Sorted by the highest frequency of texts over a certain period
Sorted by who you texted last
Sorted by who texted you last
Maybe a button with a picture of your friend instead of just displaying the persons name (I have 3 Jamies, 3 Katies, 4 Lauras and lots of more ppl with same name, and I often forget their last names, so it would be lots easier if I just selected a photo of them as I know instantly and I don't need to think about it.
My sony ericsson (that is dying slowly, hopefully it will last till I get my OpenMoko) has functionality quite similar to this that lists the last 5 people you texted, it is very handy if you often text people regularly.
Displaying like a chat style (mentioned already)
Displaying similar to email (list of start of text in top section an then select it to view whole message at the bottom)
When replying have one section showing the text you are writing and another with the message you are replying to.
I don't know how this will be implemented along with the input.
Its just sometimes I forget what people are talking about or asking me in a text that I am replying to, having it on the screen would solve that problem.
Ways to organise your SMS inbox similar to email, so you could filter certain contacts sms into the Work folder for example and others to Personal
A stats sheet that gives you a summary of your texting habits, like telling you who you have texted most over a certain period.
How many texts you have sent over a certain period
Things like that, as I don't really have any idea how many texts I send a month, so when I am looking for a contract service I never know if I am getting a good deal because I do not know my average monthly usage.
Let me all know what you think of the ideas
Stuart Gray
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