ui customisation for accessibility

Matthew Wood matt at nomorefluffybunny.com
Fri Dec 8 10:39:01 CET 2006

 > We'd also love to get your feedback and how to make things more
"visually impaired" friend

Wow. Thank you for such a positive response!

 > So to motivate some people playing with GUI and fonts, could you  
give us some feedback what you hate/dislike on normal phones

On my current phone the text is too small (so i can't read sms etc)  
and the ui customisation that you can do with 'themes' does not allow  
me to have a good high contrast (white on black, yellow on blue) ui :- 
( The 'simplest' solutions to this are 'best practises' like respect  
os/ system colours and designing/ implementing flexible ui layouts.

But you are right that there are also opportunities for 'cool'  
accessibility: off the top of my head i can imagine that the 'speed  
reading' technique of displaying individual letters sequentially  
might give a very accessible (and fast!) way to read smss. It'd be  
great to implement this and see how it flies!

 > Are you impaired yourself? Or does you work with impaired people?  
Will you like to join OpenMoko development?

Yes, I am visually impaired myself, and I am a developer. And right  
now I need a new phone, and one that I can use ;-) So, yes, I'm very  
interested in developing for OpenMoko!

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