[developing-tools] Linux Desktop Testing Project?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Dec 8 12:23:01 CET 2006


I saw a news about the "Linux Desktop Testing Project" on pro-linux.de¹
:r !lynx -dump http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/wiki/About

                       Linux Desktop Testing Project
   GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project (GNU/LDTP) is aimed at producing
   high quality test automation framework and cutting-edge tools that can
   be used to test GNU/Linux Desktop and improve it. It uses the
   Accessibility libraries to poke through the application's user
   interface. The framework also has tools to record test-cases based on
   user-selection on the application.

   GNU/LDTP core framework uses Appmap and the recorded test-cases to
   test an application and gives the status of each test-case as output.
   As of now, GNU/LDTP can test any GNOME application which are
   accessibility enabled, Mozilla, Openoffice.org, any Java application
   (should have a UI based on swing) and KDE 4.0 applications based on QT
   4.0 (based on the press releases by KDE).

   We encourage you to join the project and help us to create robust,
   reliable and stable test tool/framework for Unix Desktops. Thanks to
   GNOME Accessibility team and Sun Microsystems Accessibility team for
   their great work and their continuous support !!!
   Programming Languages: C, Python
   Dependencies: cspi-1.0
   License: LGPL
   Development Status: Beta

:r !lynx -dump http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/wiki/Features 
                       Linux Desktop Testing Project
1. LDTP Features

     * LDTP concepts are derived from [18][WWW] Software Automation
       Framework Support
     * LDTP supports verification of actions performed (guiexist,
       verifystate, etc) - [19]API Reference
     * Writing test scripts are very easy, the script writer need not
       know about the object hierarchy
     * CPU / Memory performance monitoring of application-under-test can
       be measured - [20]Class pstats
     * From the XML log, we can gather [21][WWW] HTML report using XSLT
     * Group based execution, which provides precise control on the flow
       of test-script execution - [22]ldtprunner XML
     * Scripts can be written as a reusable component and for that the
       data can be stored / retrieved in XML - [23]Data XML
     * User-friendly Text Editor with syntax highlighting for generating
       and grouping test data [24]Howto use LDTP Editor
     * Objects are identified both [25][WWW] statically and [26][WWW]

2. Next step

     * Setting LDTP in [27]GNU/Linux environment
     * How to create [28]LDTP test scripts in python

GNU/LDTP could be interesting for OpenMoko development, right?


[¹] http://www.pro-linux.de/news/2006/10580.html 

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