every data could saved like a wikiwiki

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Dec 8 13:45:27 CET 2006


I used MegaWiki on the PalmPilot, a hack that allows you to use
the normal Palm application memo, calendar, todo, addressbook
as wiki and of course the Wikpedia.

So I love to see some links inbetween applications like MegaWiki
for OpenMoko
* call [Frank]

[Markt 1]

tapping on Markt 1 would open a map and routing, with calculating
the traval to him with different transport methods
- feed
- bike
- car /taxi with approx. costs
- bus/train

The Wikimedia offers (like other wikis: MoinMoin...) a history
with date and info who did the changes, a comparing of versions
and a usefull function "What links here"

When I go to the addressbook entry Frank "What links here" could
help to find some forgotten links and data on my OpenMoko system.

AGPS, when I log where I was - maybe with building a class of
region and localisations (Europe,Germany,NRW,Cologne,Tango-cafe)
the history of the wikiwiki could also show where I made the

So I remember in Spring 2006 meet a good dancer in this Tango-cafe,
and I like to find her emailadress i could filter with
private, 01/2006-05/2006, 20-02h, cologne

Don't say "naaahh rob, old pretender - you don't get so much email
adresses..." ok your right this example is fictive, but to get
more filter possibilities without the need to enter them are very
powerfull for business cases.

A filter rule could be also what happend on that day
- weather: rain, cold, snow
- which closes you have wearn (for the ladies, choose red blouse)
- which people you have meet
- which people you called/you have called
- where you have been
something that is not realy linked to that information you are looking

When you are collection informations - e.g. about a shop, restaurants
it would be interesting when you could share this informations with your
friends. When this service is P2P it could work fine with quite private
informations that you would not publish on a community webpage.

For beaming and sharing your information, it could be interesting
to put your information under an open licence that you as author
will keep in history - or that you remove all links to you.

So you and your friends could build a personal adressbook with
doctors, servicenumberes...
When a adress is changed, it could be fine to have the information
who are the friends you chare this information with - so your 
wiki with the adress of a local theater will be replicated with
your friends (you and the other could desside how urgent this
replication will be - cheap anouncement only (info I have an update
for this wikipage) or non update untill very cheap communication

In the same way todo lists (for families, friends, association/clubs,
your team...) could become linked together - when somebody started or
finished to solve an item of the to-do list (shoping, cleaning,
organising...) the to-do lists of the others could become an update.
Because of the history, it is clear, who have done what - sort it
with the names and you can see how did much and how did nothing....

So when every short information would saved with a wikiwiki linked
style (even every call, every missed call, every SMS...) it could
become a very powerfull system.

I recomend to test MegaWiki to understand me a little better.
IMHO to wikized especialy small/short info on a PDA - togehter with
AGPS worth it ;)


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