Blackberry Wishlists

Richard Franks spontificus at
Fri Dec 8 18:04:19 CET 2006

I haven't misposted again. No, really.

Inspired by Christopher Heinys thrust, I started wondering about what
actual 'average' consumers want. It's my impression that the
BlackBerry currently holds the crown for the "if I wanted a phone that
could also do XYZ":

Whilst the number of people searching google for "pda" remains
relatively constant, over the course of ~3 years, the number of people
searching for "blackberry" has grown to match the number of people
searching for "pda".

Not that this is conclusive in any way - it's just a trend, not an
explanation of such.

So why not look up "[product] wishlist" on google, to see which areas
can be improved? Interestingly, a lot of end-user gripes seem to focus
exclusively on the closed-source applications - based upon my
five-minute research, I'd say the very act of providing a simple way
for end-users to change/manage their applications for free, is a
massive step forward.

That said, those applications have to grant the wishes out there..
i'll start off with this one:

Amusingly, note the special significance of Post #2 on this thread.


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