GPLv3 and Mobile Phones

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On Sat, 2006-12-09 at 10:52, Dave Crossland wrote:
> I thought this blogpost from the FSFE might be of interest to the list
> and also relates to the question I asked earlier about how the
> openmoko relates to the FSF philosophy:

Of course you already know that Harald Welte, one of the OpenMoko
devs, is the founder of and also attened most of
the GPLv3 conferences. I think he will take care about potential
prblem with the GPL. Keep in mind that the FIC team have no wifi on
the phone because no vendor allowed them to put the wlan driver under
GPL. So they make the dicision to lack wifi instead of using unethical
binary-only kernel modules.

For your questions about GPLv2 vs. GPLv3 I can just say it is the
choice of the company which version they choose. Not everybody is
happy with the new version.

Another point is that personally I would not release software under a
license which final version not not yet available.

FSF did a good job. But I don't like the GFDL and I will see what I
think about GPLv3 after I have read them on my own, not interpretated
from other people.

I would be thankfull if you could stop questions about this until the
phone and source is released. The team need to focus on develpment
right know. The philosophy stuff can be done later.

[snip complete blog quote]

That is exactly what is happen with the gsm part of the phone. It is
on a separate system. Own cpu, ram, etc. It communicate with the linux
system over seriæl connection.

Stefan Schmidt
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