Neo1973 + PSP == wifi proxy?

Richard Franks spontificus at
Mon Dec 11 16:08:02 CET 2006

I dropped the original idea below because of its limited utility, and
this follow-up has even less utility.. however, since there is some
javascript support in the PSP browser.. and the PSP would export its
file-system to the Neo.. it should be technically possible. I wouldn't
like to guess at the approximate bandwidth though ;-)


On 11/29/06, Richard Franks <spontificus at> wrote:
> On 11/29/06, Richard Franks <spontificus at> wrote:
> > Oh wait. You mean hosting the HTML file(s) on the Neo? By pointing the
> > PC browser to the HTML file on the Neo's memory, you could in effect
> > set up a meta-refresh every second or so, or use AJAX to read files
> > (requests) from the Neo's memory, and pass them on to the external
> > Server as subsequent requests.
> >
> > GWT has a nice feature whereby it regards return requests as asyncronous events.
> >
> > All it would require is javascript support.
> Hey! This is the first project idea which we (the community) could
> start today and complete even before the first Neo1973 ships, without
> access to the SDK or any other data. Booya.
> There would be three components:
> 1) A small utility (cpp? Preferences?) which:
> * Runs on the Neo and opens up a localhost port - the Neo would connect to this.
> * Sets up a ring-buffer (implemented by files: request1.html ....
> request10.html)
> * Forwards results it receives back from the server (via the browser)
> to the localhost client
> 2) The AJAX part which handles the PC end of the bridge
> 3) The server utility which speaks to the PC and understands the
> Neo1973 requests it receives... or just passes it on in the case of an
> SSH tunnel.
> There is actually a disconnect on the AJAX-Neo side - not sure of the
> best way to get the return data from the browser back onto the Neo's
> filesystem for dissemination, without invoking the file-download
> dialog. Streaming is one way, but would require kernel hacking to
> implement a file as a ring-buffer? If it's not a ring-buffer then you
> run out of storage space.
> Oh wait, the file the PC browser writes to on the USB stick, can be
> implemented as a symlink by the Neo.. to a device instantiated by the
> app (1).
> Ok, good - did I miss anything? Who wants to help develop this?
> Richard

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