selfmade "power injector" Re: A battery powered USB hub

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Dec 11 17:09:06 CET 2006

Salve La!

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, La Monte Henry Piggy Yarroll wrote:

> On #openmoko someone asked for a way to attach USB gadgets that need
> power to a Neo, and I found this device:

Thanks for this link. But I hope that the Neo1973 hardwareteam
will still think about to have an internal hardware solution.
Why is this so complicated? Because of the need to detect
incomming power in case that the Neo1973 with host mode
is plugged on a PC?

Self-made "power injector":
I think there are more solutions on the web.

In case that the Neo1973 wound have a powerd USB port,
it would be interesting to hack it (maybe together with
a FPGA to switch the USB power on and off). Switchable
power with software would help to lower the power consumption
- the external devices would get power only when it is


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