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Mon Dec 11 18:05:44 CET 2006

Hi Joel,

I guess you want something like:

maybe a little less interactive...

I guess I will give it a try once I have a "device".


Quoting Joel Newkirk <moko at>:

> Presuming that V1 devices will lack bluetooth, what other means exist
> for one device to recognize proximity of another?
> With SMS we could communicate with a few 'friends' and keep updated as
> to GPS locations, but that depends on cell carrier and manually
> inputting number/email/something.  GPRS wouldn't be useful, since most
> GPRS services (in my experience) don't allow inbound connections, and
> there'd be no easy way (short of an external server) to identify the IP
> of a potential peer device, locate it, or push data at it.
> What about a scenario like a conference, where two individuals meet and
> want to exchange contact data? I'm thinking about people who 'beam'
> their business cards between PDAs, for example.
> Put two Neos in a room with no cell service - can they find each other?
>  Even with service, if nobody punches in 'codes' on each?
> Several ideas I've read on the list depend on autonomous communications
> between devices, but short of entering a number and subsequently
> communicating via SMS, I don't see it.
> j
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