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Paul Jimenez pj at
Mon Dec 11 22:39:00 CET 2006

Reminds me of the watch that has a small camera in it and uses
your computer monitor as its 'uplink'... you tell it to download
data and then point the watch at the screen and it 'reads' the
patterns that the PC displays for it.  If the phones had cameras
they'd be able to do the same... and even 'send' to each
other using their own displays.

On Monday, Dec 11, 2006, "Richard Franks" writes:
>On 12/11/06, Robert Michel <openmoko at> wrote:
>> > > 10 bonus points if it sounds like R2D2.
>> efficient data transmission via audio mustn't sound well
>> for the user - DTMF for transmitting your phonenumber
>> would be acceptable, but the other modulations?
>Heh! That idea was intended just for handshaking/swapping business
>cards - very small amounts of data. Hands up who wouldn't sacrifice a
>little speed, for a phone that shared business cards with a fellow
>Neo1973 with cute 'threeps' and 'twerps'?
>> To beem your virtual business card via audio it would be
>> nice when the data transmission would be encoded into
>> a non uggly modification of a voice output:
>> "I'm beaming you now my virtual buseness card - complete"
>Or multiplexing a higher frequency data signal, if the hardware supports it?
>> Such a solution could be also run on other smartphones with
>> java - send and receive business cards and more without
>> Bluetooth or IRDA nor cable nor online connections.
>I wonder if it's possible to support the basic modem signalling
>protocol in software? I haven't touched anything like that, but if for
>the price of a local phonecall and an old PCI modem, I could call a PC
>and encrypt whatever I liked through that connection.. it could end up
>being a cheaper, secure, alternative than GPRS?
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