The audio IC Wolfson WM8753 is cool :)))))

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Dec 12 17:43:58 CET 2006

Salve Sean!

The Wolfson WM8753 inside is a nice surprice 
- yes your are right, we love surprises :))))

Sean Moss-Pultz schrieb am Dienstag, den 12. Dezember 2006 um 23:19h:

> On 12/12/06 9:43 PM, "Robert Michel" <openmoko at> wrote:
> > BTW: Do you have some more info for us about the audio/soundcard?  ;))
> > stereo(?) audio out, 2,5mm jack, frequency 20(?)-20000(?)Hz
> > stereo(?) audio in(?), 2,5mm jack(?), frequency 20(?)-20000(?)Hz
> Only because it's you who asked ;-)

Very cool :)))))

Richard already mentioned the "input/output rates of up to 96kHz" 
-this gives the audio I/O power for some measurement solutions :)))

The chipprint shows that a 3-channel output would be possible, good
for DJs and radio people:
- 2 lines high quality output, 1 mono for prelistening (which song to
  play next) imagine that with multi-touch - a dj could manipulate
  simultanious the level, the equalizer, the speed of his player...

- beside 2 channel AD, the chip has 2 line and 2 mic input :)

- separate MicBias for each mic input :) There are radio reciever
  for DRM (digital radio mondeal) and for wether fax that just work with
  the micbias power - so such a radio modul could be pluged into
  the Neo1973 mic jack - no need for a battery for the radio receiver.
  There are solution in small boxes with 3m wire as antennae or with
  small magnetic loops - one solution fits into a plastic CD-Cover:
Weather fax is an old analog modulated data transmission, the timeschedule
for such analog broadcast:
Also RTTY weather information could be interesting.

But sooner or later such weather information will be transmitted
digital, which would have a better error correction and could be
transmittet parallel to a audio radio broadcast.

I have no idea if an ARM9 266 is fast enough for real time DRM radio
listening, but when you few components are needed to receive DRM MW SW,
it will be fun to solder this receiver and connect them to the Neo1973.
So MicBias could help to make the receiver more simple.

Sean, thank you very much to give us the link - 
I think the WM8753 has a high potential for many ideas and solutions 
So I hope the Neo1973 will have at least a jack with mono audio in
(better stereo) (with micbias)


PS: Again, it seems that an FPGA between the I/O connectors
    and the other chips would encrease the power of the Neo1973,
    e.g. the FPGA could switch the second audio jack to mono output.

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