Fun with Stolen/Lost Phones..

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Dec 12 20:41:06 CET 2006

Salve Rodolphe!

On Tue, 12 Dec 2006, Rodolphe Ortalo wrote:

> Save some power of the battery for normal usage please!
> :-) Rodolphe

The Stolen/Lost modus would be only activated optional,
so in normal usage it would not cost battery. ;)

Automaticaly e.g. when:
- a non authorised SIM is used
- the SD-Card is un-authorised removed
- your phone moves to a non-authorised area
on demand when:
- you call your phone from a special number
- when you send your phone a special SMS

BTW automaticaly calling the police could become expensive
  - in the neighbourhood of my parents had one old woman used
  a home service where she has to press regulary on a button,
  if not a service center try to call her and when she does not
  pick up the phone - the service center will call neighbours
  and at last police, ambulance and a key service.
  So one day the full monty was on the street - but she was not
  inside the house. She was shopping without her mobil and without
  her personal controll device and a little bit surprized 
  (like the other neighbours) what action was in the street
  and in front of her house. *g*

So starting Stolen/Lost programs without been visable for
the user maybe shouldn't run automaticaly ;)
Even with a SIM-Card that isn't yours, the phone could
make a hiden datacall to a programmed number to have
connections to your server and ask your server if the
phone is be Stolen/Lost and if it shoult activate
the programs....


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