OMA-SUPL link Re: AGPS server questions

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Dec 13 16:04:17 CET 2006

Salve Sean!

Sorry, to post my pmail to the list - I didn't want to harm
a good globallocal support.

Sean Moss-Pultz schrieb am Mittwoch, den 13. Dezember 2006 um 21:43h:

> On 12/13/06 9:24 PM, "Gabriel Ambuehl" <gabriel_ambuehl at> wrote:
> >> I fear AGPS from globallocal is a coockoo's egg - they anounced that
> >> their AGPS chips cost only 5 US$ - I fear they will make money with
> >> their AGPS server services
> > 
> > If the GPS can do indoor GPS without assistance (which is what the site seems
> > to suggest, to me anyway) were are still better off than with a similar GPS
> > only chip that has neither indoor nor AGPS features, right?
> > 
> > If it won't do that, the chip is rather useless to me.
> > 
> > There's no way in hell I'm gonna *pay* someone to constantly know where I
> > am ;)
> Don't worry about this stuff guys. The chipset is quite good. We were
> getting fixes inside their office. Without AGPS.


> And I wouldn't give you a chipset that would cost you money just to use and
> would locked to a single solution. That would completely contradict the
> concept of OpenMoko.

I thought about that some AGPS research and programming could be done
already now - while we are waiting for the first Neo1973s *g*.
And I'm 100% convinced that when we would have free server to get AGPS data 
just from the beginning, this would push the OpenMoko/Neo1973 start :)

Beside to have free sources for the data, an own server software (GPL) that
the user/developer could install on his own server.
This AGPS Server would fetch all GPS data for whole Europe/World.
My Neo1973 would connect via an encrypted connection to this server and
would ask only the data it needs for it's region/local position.

So this would leave no information about my position on not-own servers.

Ergo, it would be interessting to work on a AGPS Server(GPL) for

When the localglobal binary works with OMA-SUPL
is the first question would be:
is the OMA-SUPL protocoll free to use?


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