yet another fantasy idea: nextel-like walkie talkie feature?

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Wed Dec 13 21:47:11 CET 2006

ke, 2006-12-13 kello 20:16 +0000, Ole Tange kirjoitti:
> I am wondering why you want push-to-talk when you can have VoIP using
> SIP or just a normal GSM conversation? Can you elaborate on why?

Full-fledged VOIP over GPRS is iffy due to quality of service issues
that don't hamper the playback of simple voice messages but merely
affect the time to get the message through. Also, the unobtrusive nature
of such a message (think a "voice SMS") may be desirable sometimes (yes,
there are answering services; still better to have a separate class of
voice messages for not-so-instant communication). And then there's the
pricing, which would often (though not always) favor well-compressed
voice messages via GPRS over a regular phone call (even more so with
text messages which could be sent over the same infrastructure).

I get that flat-rate GPRS is a rare beast, but here where we have
reasonably priced deals, this kind of thing would be especially useful.

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