FCC status for FIC Neo1973?

Tim Newsom cephdon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 02:23:56 CET 2006

Once its FCC certified, why would it matter? It should be just like 
getting any phone from any vendor and putting your SIM in to get 

You may have a hard time getting support for configurations because the 
vendor won't know how to do things with the neo1973, but they can push 
the configuration to the phone with an sms message and most modules I 
have seen support using that for configuration. I would be surprised if 
the one in the neo1973 does not...

Sean or anyone who knows... Is configuration by sms possible with this 
phone? Can we override it with a gui? Or ony by the gui maybe?


On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 17:19, Paul Bohme wrote:
> Jeremy wrote:
>> I'm no expert at all, but I do know that when we were designing a 
>> device with a Kyocera m200 CDMA data module 
>> (http://www.kyocera-wireless.com/m2m-business/index.htm), the module 
>> itself was carrier (Sprint in our case) approved and FCC approved, but 
>> once we incorporated it into our device, we then had to get it 
>> re-approved by the carrier and the FCC (though it is typically an 
>> easier process when using an approved module already).  I think the 
>> deciding factor may be whether the module is "stand-alone" or not... 
>> But I say that with the disclaimer that I could be completely wrong. :)
> My experience so far putting modules for both GSM and CDMA into another 
> product has been similar - even though the module itself is 'approved' 
> the actual application to which it is put must also be run through an 
> evaluation process.
> As far as carriers in the US, I know Cingular is good for GSM.  Not 
> sure who else?  Are approval issues going to be a problem for the 
> Neo1973 in the States?  (Am looking forward to getting one, and not 
> being able to use it as a phone would be a serious damper.. ;-)
> -P
>> ~Jeremy
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>> Subject: FCC status for FIC Neo1973?
>> I wouldn't expect such an issue as i expect the GSM module will be 
>> correctly certified and as access is via AT command set you 
>> /shouldn't/ be able to make it do things it's not allowed to...
>> someone please correct me if i'm incorrect in my assumptions
>> Graham
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>>> not to mention completely outside the terms of service of any major 
>>> carrier...?
>> a while ago, I spoke to both Cingular and T-Mob, I told them I was 
>> doing some work with a gm-862, both said there was nothing in their 
>> service restrictions about connecting with weird equipment like that
>> --Jeff
>> On 12/13/06, David Schlesinger <David.Schlesinger at palmsource.com> 
>> wrote:
>>> Do you mean "legal challenges" beyond its use being, strictly 
>>> speaking, a violation of Federal law, not to mention completely 
>>> outside the terms of service of any major carrier...?
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>>> Subject: FCC status for FIC Neo1973?
>>> Would anyone care to comment on the FCC status of the FIC Neo1973? In
>>> particular, are there any legal challenges associated with using
>>> prototypes on a live GSM network?


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