FCC status for FIC Neo1973?

Paul Bohme openmoko at bohme.org
Thu Dec 14 02:31:14 CET 2006

Tim Newsom wrote:
> Once its FCC certified, why would it matter? It should be just like 
> getting any phone from any vendor and putting your SIM in to get service.

Heh, I can dream it would be that easy.. ;-)  For the devices I've been 
working with the last couple of years (stationary, constant GPRS 
connection) the FCC approval is necessary to _start_ the other approvals 
the vendors want before allowing a device on their network. 

Am personally not sure if it's real 'certification' or an excuse to 
extract $$$ out of companies.  Don't know if it's the same for 
'consumer' devices or not.


> You may have a hard time getting support for configurations because 
> the vendor won't know how to do things with the neo1973, but they can 
> push the configuration to the phone with an sms message and most 
> modules I have seen support using that for configuration. I would be 
> surprised if the one in the neo1973 does not...
> Sean or anyone who knows... Is configuration by sms possible with this 
> phone? Can we override it with a gui? Or ony by the gui maybe?
> --Tim
> On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 17:19, Paul Bohme wrote:
>> Jeremy wrote:
>>> I'm no expert at all, but I do know that when we were designing a 
>>> device with a Kyocera m200 CDMA data module 
>>> (http://www.kyocera-wireless.com/m2m-business/index.htm), the module 
>>> itself was carrier (Sprint in our case) approved and FCC approved, 
>>> but once we incorporated it into our device, we then had to get it 
>>> re-approved by the carrier and the FCC (though it is typically an 
>>> easier process when using an approved module already).  I think the 
>>> deciding factor may be whether the module is "stand-alone" or not... 
>>> But I say that with the disclaimer that I could be completely wrong. :)
>> My experience so far putting modules for both GSM and CDMA into 
>> another product has been similar - even though the module itself is 
>> 'approved' the actual application to which it is put must also be run 
>> through an evaluation process.
>> As far as carriers in the US, I know Cingular is good for GSM.  Not 
>> sure who else?  Are approval issues going to be a problem for the 
>> Neo1973 in the States?  (Am looking forward to getting one, and not 
>> being able to use it as a phone would be a serious damper.. ;-)
>> -P
>>> ~Jeremy
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>>> Subject: FCC status for FIC Neo1973?
>>> I wouldn't expect such an issue as i expect the GSM module will be 
>>> correctly certified and as access is via AT command set you 
>>> /shouldn't/ be able to make it do things it's not allowed to...
>>> someone please correct me if i'm incorrect in my assumptions
>>> Graham
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>>>> not to mention completely outside the terms of service of any major 
>>>> carrier...?
>>> a while ago, I spoke to both Cingular and T-Mob, I told them I was 
>>> doing some work with a gm-862, both said there was nothing in their 
>>> service restrictions about connecting with weird equipment like that
>>> --Jeff
>>> On 12/13/06, David Schlesinger <David.Schlesinger at palmsource.com> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> Do you mean "legal challenges" beyond its use being, strictly 
>>>> speaking, a violation of Federal law, not to mention completely 
>>>> outside the terms of service of any major carrier...?
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>>>> Subject: FCC status for FIC Neo1973?
>>>> Would anyone care to comment on the FCC status of the FIC Neo1973? In
>>>> particular, are there any legal challenges associated with using
>>>> prototypes on a live GSM network?
> --Tim
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