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Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at
Thu Dec 14 15:48:31 CET 2006

On 12/14/06 5:00 PM, "Alessandro Iurlano" <alessandro.iurlano at>

> On 12/3/06, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean_mosko at> wrote:
>> All,
>> We talked it over internally for quite some time now, and finally decided
>> that we want to wait until we have hardware to sell to launch our Wiki. We
>> just don't have the time to design and monitor another site now.
> I was just thinking about the lack of a wiki at the actual moment and the
> waste
> of thoughts and energy that will go lost because nobody will probably look
> at all the archived mails in the list again.
> If you set the wiki up when the hardware will be availabe, all the attention
> of the
> community will go to the Neo and there will be little care of the wiki (IMHO,
> as always)

Internally I have somebody organizing and archiving the comments on this
mailing list. I try to spend about an hour a day reading all the comments on
this list. I know the other guys (and gals) on our team spend considerable
amount of time on this, too.

Don't get me wrong, we _love_ to hear your comments. Usually they are the
highlight of my day. But we just don't have the bandwidth now to monitor
another set information. We are in the late stages of development now. There
is an incredible amount of effort put into making a phone. This one is
especially difficult because making a open source handset is a totally new
concept for our company. I mean this more from a business standpoint than
from a technical one.

Rest assured that when we start shipping hardware, we'll have a public Wiki
ready to go.
>> Thank again for all your support and interest in OpenMoko!
>> -Sean
> No, thank you for this wonderful project. I really look forward to have one.
> Please hurry up :)

We're going all out!


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