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Ben F-W schreef:
> Ben wrote:
>> Of course, the advantage of OpenMoko is that we wouldn't have to
>> choose :-)
> I think I'd phrase it a bit differently: the advantage to me of OpenMoko
> is that we *get* to choose, rather than the manufacturer choosing for us!
> To drag the conversation back to text input briefly (downside of having
> been away is that I have to revive long-dead threads!), there's one
> suggestion I'd like to make to improve the dictionary function (as used
> for T9 and some of the alternatives).
> Would it be useful to add 'temporary words' to the T9 dictionary, which
> would include, among other possibilities, (a) all names in the address
> book, and (b) all words in the text/email to which I am replying.
> Use case: Say I've received a text from a friend along the lines of "You
> coming to Borat tonight?" And I want to reply with "Been meaning to see
> Borat: have you asked Bertie and Aesop?" Borat, Bertie and Aesop are all
> words which aren't in my phone's dictionary, so I have to type them in
> manually - but Borat is in the text I'm replying to, and the other two
> are in my address book. Adding them to a 'temporary' extra dictionary
> would make my life a lot easier.
> This might already have been done in some phones - it seems obvious
> enough to me that I'm surprised it hasn't been done in mine.

These are the small things that a good platform great.


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