Something like a Wiki

Richard Franks spontificus at
Thu Dec 14 17:25:05 CET 2006

On 12/14/06, Alessandro Iurlano <alessandro.iurlano at> wrote:
> I was just thinking about the lack of a wiki at the actual moment and the
> waste of thoughts and energy that will go lost because nobody will probably look
> at all the archived mails in the list again.

On the other hand, the list as it is forms the perfect evolutionary
ground for ideas - only those ideas with obvious fitness will keep
getting talked about.. the weaker ideas fall into obscurity where they
belong. If a good idea appears weak, then it's up to the individual to
reshape it until it quacks and walks like a good idea. If the
individual can't reshape it until it looks good, then it probably
isn't a great idea anyway.

As FIC have someone scouring the list for ideas, the chances are even
slimmer that geniunely good ideas with bad presentation will be lost.

A wiki would be nice just now, but as the community knows very few
details for certain, we'd probably fill it with facts which aren't
completely correct.. which in of itself defeats the point of a wiki,
and increases the workload for FIC wrt corrections.

I do have the suspicion that FIC didn't expect the level of community
interaction it received ~two months before release, if that's true,
then they've done a great job with the limited time available!


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