Film "Rain Man" Re: "some" more ideas with sound and LF/VLF Re: Idea: datatransmission using ultrasound

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Dec 15 20:42:29 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Freitag, den 15. Dezember 2006 um 19:03h:
> Some more ideas about sound, not fully worked out:

I was shopping and heard the noice of coins    

No need to be autistic savant to count the coins by
hearing them - just tropping the coins out of your wallet
one by one - software could recognice the coins
- value and also false money - and count it for you.

Counting would help also for other things (skrews, nails...)

For motors the sound software could become a rotational-speed sensor.
Inside a car this could be mixed with driving noise to know which
gear is used - so with some learning and aid from GPS it could become
an accurate Tacho as well. And this could assist the navigation system
inside of a tunnel.
(could also work with trains - to learn driving noise and gps movment
that the train navigaion programm get assistance and know movement
inside the tunnel without acceleration sensor.)

Sound analysing for special cars could inform about annormal sound
(not enough oil - one wheel with to less air...) and warn and inform
the driver.

Unexpected noice or unexpected stopping of movment could be an
evidence for an accident. The Neo1973 could ask
"everything OK?" and do an emergency call when it is not stopped.

People with a heart attac may not able to call aid themself,
just noise "haee hae" could let the Neo ask you
"everything OK?"
I know about the problem that this "noise" sounds like something
different, but such a "heart attac detector" would not everybody
446Mhz/Bluetooth could combine this system with a sensor on the body.
It was just about the idea, that sound analysing could be used
as one evidence....


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