capacitor to call the police without battery and SIM card *g* Re: Fun with Stolen/Lost Phones..

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Dec 15 21:03:02 CET 2006

Salve Tomasz!

On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, Tomasz Zielinski wrote:

> 2006/12/15, Robert Michel <openmoko at>:
> >1. You could use a phone of a friend to send a SMS with a onetime code.
> The very first thing thief do is remove and throw away your SIM card.
This thread is also about "lost" phones - so this idea is still usefull.
Send and SMS "$ontimepad IWantToFindMyPhone" to your phone and your 
phone is rinning with the popup messige 
"this the phone of Robert Michel - I'm looking for it,
and know it's coordinates. Please - please speak with
me now to stop the alarm and wait for me..."

> So you can forget about contacting your phone, if you not set crontab
> task with sending silent SMS with current phone number to your phone
> or email once a day/week.
No crontab needed - when the SIM changed and the SIM is unknown then
the stolen modus is activated: 


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