Idea: Optimal noisy vibrator

Igor Foox igorfoox at
Sat Dec 16 17:59:17 CET 2006

On 16-Dec-06, at 10:31 AM, Adam Goode wrote:

> Ole Tange wrote:
>> When the phone is lying on a table it may be interesting to get the
>> most noise from the vibrator as possible. By changing the  
>> frequency of
>> the vibrator and analysing the sound level on the microphone the  
>> phone
>> can determine with frequency is most noisy for vibrating on this
>> surface.
> Wow! This is a cool idea! It would help me the most to have this  
> feature
> on the bus, where the normal vibrations of the vehicle completely mask
> the phone vibrator. If the phone could auto-adapt to the ambient
> vibrations to create a buzz that could be felt, this would be a great
> feature.

That would be very cool indeed!

Similarly having the phone adjust the ring level based on ambient noise
would be _really_ cool (I don't remember if this was discussed  
before). I
miss calls on the bus or a busy street all the time, because I have  
the phone
set to a medium-loundess ring.


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