Temperature messuring, simple fire alarm, anti-mosquito?Re: Hurra Richard! Wofson WM8753 ; ) doing distance messuring with ultrasonic?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Sun Dec 17 19:13:54 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Sonntag, den 17. Dezember 2006 um 18:43h:

> To have accurate distance messuring a themomether could help...
> but knowing a distance - e.g. the hight of a room, sound could be
> used for doing temperature messuring - as an integration of all
> temperatures between device and refeletor (or sender and receiver).


With quite good mic and speaker not only the strongest "pong" of
an audio ping would be usable, also later, more soft "pongs" - so
> That would make possible to put the Neo1973 on a table and track
> the temperature - in case of changing, it could give an alarm
> = very simple fire alarm. Not soooo good, because the smoke/fire gas
> COx are very dangerous and they could come into the room without
> changing the temperatur sinificant - but just as an idea.

could observe more than the line device next wall.

It could be also a primitive room-movement sensor - accustic character 
changes when sombebody stands in a room - controll your office/hotel
Maybe in big rooms (church, hall, museum) would be possible to learn
the software where people are - e.g. have expensive TV equipment in
one corner and protect it by getting an alert from an ultrasonic sensor 
when somebody will go there to close...

BTW ultrasonic reflection  would be in indicator if the device
is still in a pocket, or laying on a table... another indicatior
to chanage the call/sms/email/chat... profile (how to ring...)


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