Using FM Radios without cables as PA for the Neo1973 - Question, in which countries is it legal to use 50 nW (nano Watt) FM87.5-108.0 Mhz transceiver?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sun Dec 17 19:56:11 CET 2006

Salve Graham, *!

Graham Auld schrieb am Sonntag, den 17. Dezember 2006 um 17:54h:

> Ofcom in the UK are due to legalise them this month, it seems they've
> decided on a standard which will allow these transmitters to be used in
> future throught the EU AFAIK,

Thank you. :)
Yes, it seems that it was an EU initative to make 5 million illegal
imported low-power transmitter legal ;) So AFAIK USA and canada
allows this as well - but official paper/overview over more contries
would be interesting. ;)

> -----Original Message-----
> So the smartest solution would be an internal solution, it would make the
> power supply and antenna question more easy and would have the posibility of
> autotuning.

Question to the radio ham's here - could the Wolfson audio IC maybe make
a stero encoder/decoder dispensable?

R+L = 0.03-15 kHz
iL-R = 23-38 kHz
l-R = 38-53 kHz

Is stereo decoding with 0.03-15 and only with 23-38 kHz possible?
So a Neo1973 could listen to two FM stereo programs simultanious?
And would it possible to build a cheap FM transmitter without an
stereo coder?


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