Introduction and queries...

Ole Tange at
Mon Dec 18 00:02:17 CET 2006

On 12/17/06, Warren Noronha <wnorrix at> wrote:

> I am not clear if there is or there is'nt WiFi and Bluetooth.

We really need a wiki for FAQs. There will be no WiFi in version 1.
Bluetooth is still not known.

> I think this is really important because I dont want to end up
> carrying cables for my device when I
> can just use bluetooth.

As the device will have USB that you will need for charging anyway
this might not be such a big issue.

> I am working on ICT projects in developing countries. I think I can
> really push this device if there
> is WiFi cause the communities we setup are all wireless mesh
> networks. One of our primary
> requirements are voip communication.

I thought a pricetag of USD 350 might scare off the developing countries.


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