Internal flash size

Paul Bohme openmoko at
Wed Dec 20 16:27:59 CET 2006

Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 December 2006 15:31, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
>> It is easy to find 2GB usb sticks on market for <20 EUR. FIC Phone will get
>> 64MB (preliminary specs)...
>> Can it get more? 512MB or more with good partitioning (/ + /home) would be
>> nice
> I would second that request. 1GB or even 2GB shouldn't make it prohibitively 
> more expensive but a LOT more useful (and still much cheaper for us customers 
> than having to buy overpriced microsd cards ;-).

Remember that this is still a phone..  Your general 'user' to whom this 
needs to appeal will probably be hard pressed to fill the flash 
provided.  Every penny counts in parts on devices like this, and that 
much of an increase with little end-user gain isn't nearly as easy as it 

Last night I got an ad in the mail from a cell company that claims the 
Motorola RAZR phone retails for US$199.  Our neo - which from a consumer 
point of view already has fewer hardware features - is significantly 
more expensive than this.  It could be reasonably said that we should be 
looking for things to leave *out* to reduce the cost, must less trying 
to push it even farther.

Those of us that have delusions of grandeur (myself foremost ;-) are 
more than likely best served with adding our own storage.


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