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Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at
Wed Dec 20 17:06:05 CET 2006

Dnia środa, 20 grudnia 2006 16:27, Paul Bohme napisał:

> Remember that this is still a phone..  Your general 'user' to whom this
> needs to appeal will probably be hard pressed to fill the flash
> provided.  

User - yes, developer - no. To get working toolchain installed I need 128M 
for rootfs. So I will have to boot from card or chroot to card or use 

> Every penny counts in parts on devices like this, and that much of an
> increase with little end-user gain isn't nearly as easy as it sounds.

Common problem ;(

> It could be reasonably said that we should be looking for things to leave
> *out* to reduce the cost, must less trying to push it even farther.

Is there something more which can be removed from Neo phone? It does not 
have buttons (only 2 planned iirc), no wifi, no power for usb, probably no 
bluetooth (not decided yet)... O, yes.. we can remove any equipment other 
then charger - users will use 'mini B' cable from their camera, will buy 
USB Host cable - this will be few EUR.

> Those of us that have delusions of grandeur (myself foremost ;-) are
> more than likely best served with adding our own storage.

External storage is good for data. Installing software into flash (/) and 
card (/media/card/) will require using of many symlinks to get it working 
or moving / to card. Both things is something which I do not like.

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