Internal flash size

Jeff Andros jeff at
Wed Dec 20 19:00:34 CET 2006

> > User - yes, developer - no. To get working toolchain installed I need
> 128M
> > for rootfs. So I will have to boot from card or chroot to card or use
> > symlinks.
> >

as far as I know this is going to be like any other embedded device, you're
crosscompiling so the toolchain lives on your lappy /desktop where you've
got 100's of gigabytes, if not terrabytes, of storage.  not to mention the
difference in monitor and keyboard you'll likely have.  yeah, the
dev/build/test cycles are a lot slower, but the environment makes up for it

Another thing, I know it's unpowered, but is there enough power on the USB
port to run a [jump|thumb|stick|usb|flash|whatever the fashionable name is
now]drive without external power? It would be awesome to have a viewer that
can show docs/pics/random flash games that others carry on those little
things, plus you wouldn't have to pull the battery out to make it work

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