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Wed Dec 20 19:27:46 CET 2006

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michael at schreef:
> On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, Jeff Andros wrote:
>>> >  User - yes, developer - no. To get working toolchain installed I need
>>>  128M
>>> >  for rootfs. So I will have to boot from card or chroot to card or use
>>> >  symlinks.
>>> > 
>> as far as I know this is going to be like any other embedded device,
>> you're
>> crosscompiling so the toolchain lives on your lappy /desktop where you've
>> got 100's of gigabytes, if not terrabytes, of storage.  not to mention
>> the
>> difference in monitor and keyboard you'll likely have.  yeah, the
>> dev/build/test cycles are a lot slower, but the environment makes up
>> for it
> Yeah, but how cool would it be to compile apps ON YOUR PHONE!
> Ok, let's all agree that we are now in the realm of "shiny geek toys"
> and not
> general consumer electronics.
> If I recall correctly, there was a port of GCC to the original Zaurus,

Ok, let's ban the words 'port', 'brick' and 'ROM' from being used in the on this list.
Most people either don't know what it means or get it wrong.

* Recompiling (or just compiling) is *not* porting. Removing x86 asm or assumptions about
ACPI or platterbased storage is porting.

* It isn't 'bricked' till you *need* JTAG to fix it. If you have other means, it isn't

* ROM, as the name says is Read Only Memory, you can't write to it since it's read only.

Let's end the confusion :)

> all we have to do is get the toolchain to work on the Neo.

OE already has done that.

If you want detailed instructions: 'ipkg install task-openmoko-native-sdk'
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